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OU ED What?

The good news is, there are options for economic developers who want to pursue professional certification. It can be complicated to understand the options, and some may be wondering about the significance of being certified altogether. To get some answers, we turned to our President & CEO, and the Dean of the Oklahoma University Economic Development Institute (OU EDI), to get some answers.

What is OU EDI?

OU Economic Development Institute (EDI) is the premier economic development program in the nation, with more than 50 years of experience providing professional economic developers with up-to-date knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in today’s constantly-changing environment.  It is based at the University of Oklahoma. 


How long does it take to complete all the coursework?

OU EDI is also a well-recognized economic development certificate program. To graduate and earn an OU EDI certificate, participants must complete 117 course hours through OU EDI. They offer online courses, as well as a traditional, in-person Institute setting.


What’s the importance of becoming a Certified Economic Developer?

Completing the course work makes you a better economic developer and allows you to provide more value to your community.  It also makes you a part of a highly trained network you can tap into.


How has certification changed your career?

Coming from a different career, certification gave me the necessary foundational knowledge to be a professional economic developer.


How can I learn more about the Michael P. Hickey Scholarship?

Information on how to apply for a Michael P. Hickey Scholarship can be found on the OU EDI web site under the Scholarship section or using this link:

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