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Hickey Global, a leader in economic development services, brings you an in-depth analysis of Canada’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2023. Canada is poised to attract a record $500 billion in FDI, stimulating economic recovery from the pandemic and creating jobs across numerous sectors. Explore the factors contributing to this outstanding FDI outlook, including:

  • A stable, predictable business environment

  • A skilled, educated workforce

  • A commitment to innovation

  • Strategic location with access to major markets

Hickey Global’s expert insights reveal Canada’s world-class industries such as natural resources, agriculture, manufacturing, and technology, which offer high returns for foreign investors. Learn about the Canadian government’s new FDI strategy and how Hickey Global’s economic development services can help navigate this landscape.

Our report highlights the impact of FDI on Canada’s economy, supporting recovery, job creation, and innovation, making the country more prosperous and competitive. Gain an understanding of specific FDI examples, like Samsung’s $1 billion renewable energy project in Ontario and Volkswagen’s $2.8 billion electric vehicle plant in Quebec.

Download Hickey’s Canadian FDI 2023 report to access crucial insights into Canada’s FDI scene and explore how our economic development services can drive positive change in your region.

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