Hickey Global is a part of the Hickey Family of global advisory companies; utilizing its immense capabilities across a global footprint. With more than 20 offices throughout the world and a diverse team of economic development, site selection, research, and marketing staff; Hickey Global handles innovative and complex assignments.

Barry I. Matherly, President & CEO

Hickey Global is led by Barry I. Matherly, who for 25 years has helped communities prosper by creating opportunities for new investment and job growth. As a certified economic development professional and trusted thought leader, he develops growth strategies to create vibrant, inclusive communities that promote sustainability by collaborating with others.

Mr. Matherly is a Past Chair of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the largest economic development association in the world, and is the Dean and Instructor at the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute. In addition, he is a member of the United States Department of Commerce Investment Advisory Council.

Barry I. Matherly, CEcD, FM HLM
President & CEO
Hickey Global

Mark James, Principal

Mark James is a leader in client engagement and delivery with over 30 years of experience in the economic development profession. He was an officer with American Electric Power leading that Corporation’s economic development efforts across their 11-state territory. Mark also founded and led a successful consultancy focused on technology solutions to the economic development profession.

As a recognized thought leader in the profession, Mr. James is an instructor and immediate past Dean of the Economic Development Institute. He is certified in the profession, is a Fellow Master with the Industrial Asset Management Council and is a member of the International Economic Development Council.

Mark James, CEcD
Hickey Global

Elijah Cleary, Engagement Manager

Elijah Z. Cleary is the engagement manager at Hickey Global with his priority on client experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, and beyond. Previously, he developed knowledgeable skills in digital sales, business development, and content writing using his marketing and strategic communications background.  He is passionate about the prosperity of the communities and is highly motivated to assist industry leaders in establishing strong relationships.

As a recognized leader, Mr. Cleary is a member of the Novak Leadership Institue and comes from the top-ranked Journalism school in the nation, the University of Missouri.

Elijah Cleary
Engagement Manager
Hickey Global

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