Understanding Your Workforce Labor Analytics


What is your workforce saying about your community?

As we’ve encountered a new world of site selection and economic development over this past year, Talent is still the key factor driving location decisions for businesses. Your workforce is the most important asset when recruiting and retaining companies.

Hickey Global delivers robust labor studies and predictive analytics for their clients around the world.  Through empirically-based, bespoke labor analytics, communities receive the critical data and strategic analysis required to understand their current and future workforce dynamics, as well as, benchmark against competitive communities.

The Hickey Global team, leveraging data and insights from our Hickey Global Institute, will provide analysis of wages, attrition, unemployment history, talent pipeline, unionization, industry trends, hiring and job postings, and other key data points imperative to the comprehensive, bespoke labor analytics process.  Overall, Hickey Global will analyze the local labor market utilizing our time-tested process of proprietary algorithms to forecast workforce trends.

Labor Pool

Understand the dynamics of the labor pool which makes up your community

Labor Catchment

Identify the demographics and skill sets you have within your true labor catchment area

Talent Pipeline

Forecast your future talent pipeline and develop strategies for future development

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