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Hickey Global Economic Development Consulting (Hickey Global) is a full-service economic development consulting firm supporting private, public, and non-profit economic development organizations around the world. We create custom solutions to help communities prosper by identifying opportunities for investment and job growth.

About Us

As part of the Hickey Family of global advisory companies, Hickey Global has access to the leading location advisory talent, robust technical resources and cutting-edge data analytics worldwide. With offices worldwide and location projects on six continents, Hickey understands the complexity of a global economy. 

Hickey Global creates custom, bespoke solutions to help communities prosper by creating and identifying opportunities for new investment and job growth. We work directly with our clients to understand the situation and the desired outcomes, and then strive to exceed expectations. With implementation and execution in mind, final deliverables are developed as innovative and practical solutions.


You work in a globally connected environment; you need a global firm

– Hickey Global.

-Danielle Casey

President & CEO | Albuquerque Economic Development Inc.

“Hickey Global developed a comprehensive plan using cutting-edge analytics to drive decision making. This made a significant difference in our ability to bring our community together to accurately understand our competitive position and to develop the right strategies to move us forward.”

Vice President of Investment Attraction | Toronto Global

-Daniel Hengeveld

“The Hickey Global team immediately understood our needs and provided in-depth analysis and recommendations from the perspective of economic development practitioners.”

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