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Project Experience

The Link/Sumter Economic Development, SC

Recent global changes prompted the region to rethink its direction. Hickey Global developed a strategic plan to drive future growth for the city and the county. Components included ecosystem study, cluster verification, stakeholder engagement, competitive assessment, labor force study, organizational assessment, metrics setting, and strategic recommendations.

Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission, VA

The pandemic highlighted the PDC's need to develop a resiliency plan for the traditional business sector and tourism. Components included ecosystem study, asset mapping, cluster verification, crisis management plan, resiliency strategy, job opportunities analysis, and stakeholder engagement report.

Albuquerque Economic Development, NM

With changes brought on by the pandemic and a change in leadership after 25 years, Albuquerque needed to rethink their economic development strategy. Hickey Global developed a comprehensive plan using cutting-edge analytics to drive decision making. Components of the program include a competitive assessment, labor analysis, ecosystem study, stakeholder engagement, cluster analysis, benchmark study, and incentives review. Information and insights gained are then used to develop an actionable plan with performance metrics.

Workforce components included a labor study, Targeted Cluster-Occupation Gap Analysis (to help the University of New Mexico develop its talent pipeline strategy), and talent alignment strategies in the strategic plan.

Recent Clients

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