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Strategy & Business Development

Unlock Your Region’s Economic Potential with Strategic Insights

A “one strategy fits all” approach won’t work for communities tackling multiple facets of economic development. In today’s competitive economic landscape, having a comprehensive toolbox of strategies is essential for sustained success.

Hickey Global’s strategy work addresses the areas of your community outreach that should have the most significant returns on investment. Whether identifying ways to retain local firms or searching the far corners of the globe for international corporations on the move, our expert team combines industry and employment data, site selection connectivity, and primary research to evaluate the potential for growth within your region’s specific sectors. By working with us, you’ll be able to identify the most promising focus areas for your efforts and uncover valuable business development opportunities that will drive your community's continued prosperity.

Typical projects in this service offering include:

  • Strategic Planning – A multi-faceted approach to outlining local priorities, engaging stakeholders, understanding the local economy, and identifying a path forward.

  • Business Development Strategy – This all-encompassing focus is designed to develop a plan for retaining existing companies while positioning your community to attract new firms.

  • FDI & Export Strategy – International markets present opportunities for retaining and attracting firms. Hickey Global helps communities design strategies to introduce local firms to the global marketplace and, for foreign direct investment, translate amenities to foreign prospects in ways that resonate with global corporate needs.

  • Industrial & Business Park Positioning – Hickey Global helps communities understand how best to prepare and package important site details, then ensure the information gets to the right partners and target audiences.

  • Marketing Assessment – Communication can occur through planned encounters or happenstance meetings. Allow Hickey Global to review and assess your marketing materials to help ensure your community can provide appropriate and effective collateral, no matter the circumstances.

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