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Hickey Global focuses on the intersection of businesses, site selectors, and EDOs in growing companies and communities.  We are not a small division of a larger company with another focus or an EDO consulting firm with only one perspective.  We live on all sides of the transaction and understand what it takes to win today and look into the future.

Why Hickey?

Hickey is the global leader in site selection, location strategy, credits & incentives advisory, and labor analytics with active projects in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques, Hickey assists businesses with the critical data capture and strategic vision to navigate a global real estate footprint.

Hickey & Associates

Hickey Global is a full-service economic development consulting firm supporting private, public, and non-profit economic development organizations around the world.

Hickey Global Economic Development Consulting

Hickey Global Institute is an international think tank of cutting-edge ideas and leading thoughts on international trade, economic development, and site selection. Among their celebrated work, Hickey Global Institute produces the annual Global Innovation Hubs report.

Hickey Global Institute

Inspired by an industry legend, the Michael P. Hickey Foundation was established to support exemplary scholars realize their dreams of becoming future economic development leaders. In a growing, high- demand field globally, it is critical to ensure the best and brightest can succeed and achieve their aspirations.

Hickey Foundation

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