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Insights and Incentives

Unravel the Complexities of Incentives and Economic Development with Expert Guidance

Economic development practitioners know it’s essential to learn how to work with what you’ve got to win. Framing community assets in ways that win projects is important and often challenging. The landscape of funding opportunities, incentive management, and economic development legislation is ever-changing and can be daunting for businesses and economic developers. At Hickey Global, our team’s hands-on expertise and global reach empower you with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions, driving growth and success for your community.

In addition to providing insights and guidance related to your unique community through our assessments and analysis, Hickey Global offers customized training sessions on mission-critical subjects such as site selector engagement, project preparation, and analytics.

Typical offerings of this service area include:

  • Site Selector Engagement – This Hickey Global strategy helps communities identify their assets and package them in ways that get site selectors’ attention, resulting in more winning projects. Our work is guided by input from Hickey & Associates, the world’s largest independently owned site selection firm.

  • ESG Strategy – Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives are increasingly important to corporate decision-making. Hickey Global helps communities’ package existing ESG achievements and plan for new holistic efforts.

  • Credits & Incentives Advisory – This offering reviews current credit and incentive offerings in a competitive environment, measures internal compliance requirements, and offers insights for developing new and more effective tools while guiding communities through adding protections for the local economy.

  • Focused Training – Targeted training for specific groups of economic development stakeholders, including but not limited to boards, internal leadership, and elected officials.

  • Global Market Insights – Focus your FDI targets on market activity and trends in foreign markets that create space for your community to shine.

  • Innovation Hub Development – This guidance is designed to help communities densely package their cluster-specific innovation assets in geographic areas that foster collaboration, research, and development.

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