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Workforce Development

Unlock the Potential of Your Region’s Workforce with Hickey Global

Economic development and workforce go hand in hand.  Communities significantly increase their likelihood of success with attraction and retention if they can train or showcase a workforce with the skills to meet the demands of the labor requirements.

As organizations face growing demands to share insights and expertise about their region’s labor and future workforce, it is crucial to have the right tools and strategies in place. Hickey Global, backed by best-in-class labor analysis and workforce development experience, offers a comprehensive product suite to help you understand your region’s strengths, identify potential gaps in the talent pipeline, and effectively leverage available partnerships.

Typical offerings in the service include:

  • Labor Analysis - Understand your community’s strengths with a customized analysis of your labor force and its performance in emerging site selection factors.

  • Skills Gap Analysis - Position your community for success by navigating past, present, and future labor demand. The Skills Gap Analysis identifies key skill sets that should be invested in to support local industry.

  • Talent Development – Hickey Global helps communities reinvigorate their labor shed workforce through career pathways, innovative programs, and ecosystem-building.

  • Program Gap Analysis - Evaluate your current workforce development programs and training against global best practices.

  • Workforce Strategy - Tap into decades of experience to develop and implement strategies related to your community’s workforce.

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