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Research and Analytics

Unlock the Power of Data for Your Economic Development

Economic developers have a wealth of data but leveraging it effectively can be challenging. To stand out in a competitive economic development environment, communities need to know what information it is most important to capture and how to share those essential details in quickly and effectively understood ways. Hickey Global’s site selection and research expertise help organizations transform raw data into valuable insights and actionable strategies, and our focus is aligned with global location decision-making trends.

By collaborating with Hickey Global, you’ll benefit from decades of experience in global site selection practices and techniques developed by Hickey & Associates. Our tailored research and analysis services focus on your community’s unique competitive advantages, empowering you to attract and secure projects successfully.

Typical projects in this service offering include:

  • Cluster Studies – Understand your community’s business composition and learn which clusters can thrive in your ecosystem.

  • Competitive Assessments – Discover your actual location competitors based on data surrounding similarities in business composition factors like cost structure, industry mix, and existing infrastructure.

  • Location Down Select Assessments – Learn why your location hasn’t been picked for competitive project locations. Hickey Global’s analysis is informed by Hickey & Associates, the world's largest independently owned site selection firm.

  • Supply Chain Analysis – Logistics drive the global economy, and understanding how your community fits into the supply chain network is critical for retaining and attracting employers who depend on an interconnected marketplace. The information provided through this study will provide the necessary data for making a case about the strengths of your location and reveal any weaknesses you may need to address.

  • Reshoring Analysis – To successfully bring operations back to the US, you must first understand why they left and make a compelling case for how your location can strengthen corporate operations. Hickey Global looks at the global marketplace to determine your community's strengths and benefits of location against foreign alternatives.

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