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Organizational Development

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Organization’s Growth and Success

A solid foundation at the organizational level is crucial to achieving sustainable growth and success. Not only is it important to ensure that internal stakeholders, like board members, are knowledgeable about sound economic development practices, but level-setting with external community stakeholders is just as important. Develop confidence that your community has the tools to work towards economic development success from the same accord.

At Hickey Global, our team boasts more than 125 years of experience working closely with elected and appointed officials and staff to envision and shape the future of our client’s targeted area. We provide tailored guidance on the supporting systems, information, and programs needed to make your goals a reality.

Typical offerings in this service area include:

  • Ecosystem Building – Comprehensive economic development programs include partnerships with essential players outside of the EDO. Hickey Global can help communities ensure they have a network to support companies through all stages of growth and development.

  • EDO Benchmarking – Many EDOs desire to be best-in-class, but how do you know what others are doing well and how your organization's efforts measure up? This service is designed to help you understand your performance baseline and strategically work to set goals for enhancing output in easily measurable ways.

  • Utility EDO Strategy Benchmarking – Be confident that your utility is competitive regarding revenue generation, community involvement, rate case support, business attraction and retention, and reputational support by understanding what your competitors are doing and how your utility measures up. This service is designed to help you understand your performance baseline and strategically work to set goals for enhancing output in easily measurable ways.

  • Retreat Facilitation – Trusted outside voices can make a big difference when it’s time to get to the business of hashing out the work of an EDO. Hickey Global can serve as an outsider, offering objective guidance while keeping retreats productive and on track. This service is offered virtually or in person.

  • Board Development – Boards can wield lots of power over EDOs, so choosing members who understand the industry and the work associated with building successful community organizations is critical. Hickey Global can offer guiding expertise as you work to find a diverse leadership group eager to engage, ask the right questions, and support the vital work of economic development.

  • Stakeholder Engagement – The most effective way to ensure that plans involving the community are sustainable and inclusive is to ensure you’ve convened the right stakeholders during the process. Hickey Global can help you identify the right local players to include in planning processes and help you get answers and insights on the pressing issues.

  • Rethinking the EDO – As with all industries, trends and best practices in economic development change over time. Is your organization keeping up? Allow our team to help you think through the fundamental changes your EDO may need to consider staying ahead of the curve.

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