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Your community’s growth is tied to your ability to embrace the power of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Companies are actively seeking communities that support their ESG goals, making this a crucial part of your strategy as an Economic Development Organization (EDO).

Hickey Global is here to guide you in creating a vibrant ESG ecosystem within your community. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Research & Analysis: Get the lowdown on the latest ESG trends and learn how they impact your community.

  • Strategy & Business Development: Create a roadmap that aligns with ESG standards and promotes business growth.

  • Insights & Incentives: Find out how to attract businesses with attractive ESG incentives.

  • Organizational Development: Build an organization that breathes ESG values.

  • Workforce Development: Foster a workforce that’s committed to ESG principles.

By understanding and aligning with ESG, your community will stand out in the crowd and become a preferred destination for businesses. Ready to embrace the ESG wave?

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