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Elijah Cleary Joins Growing Hickey Global Team

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hickey Global is pleased to welcome Elijah Z. Cleary to the team as Engagement Manager within Hickey Global’s economic development consultancy.

This latest announcement marks a continued effort to expand delivery and service capabilities for Hickey Global, one of the world’s preeminent economic development consultancy firms.

Elijah Cleary is the new Engagement Manager at Hickey Global with his priorities focusing on client experience throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. Previously, he developed knowledgeable skills in digital sales, business development, and content creation using his marketing and strategic communications background. He is passionate about the prosperity of community growth and is highly motivated to assist industry leaders in establishing long-lasting, strong relationships.

As a recognized leader, Mr. Cleary is a member of the Novak Leadership Institute and comes from the top-ranked Journalism school in the nation, the University of Missouri.


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