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Location Decision Assessment Guide

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

An Economic Developer’s Resource for Understanding Your Competitive Advantage

The ability to comprehend, assess, and develop a competitive environment based on actual site selection factors and up-to-date dynamics will enable your community to attract and grow more business which aligns with your areas current and future workforce, logistical capabilities, and competitive advantages.

Hickey Global’s new Location Advisor Decision Assessment accumulates 40 years’ worth of experience, plus a propriety database to help you understand how your community is analyzed in the site selection process. This is the same database that Hickey & Associates (a global leader in Site Selection consulting) uses to narrow down locations for the world’s largest companies.

What does the Location Advisor Decision Assessment Guide provide?

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary will offer insight that will help define your mission, “meet” your competitors, and understand the findings on a macro level.

General Competitor Analysis

Understanding the challenges that must be met by a business when entering a new market or staying relevant in a current one is vital. This competitor analysis will discover Operational Costs, Business Incentives, Real Estate Availability, Labor Costs, Labor Availability, Educational Environment, Quality of Life, and Risk Factors.

Cluster-Based Competitor Analysis

Dive deeper into your individual clusters to understand how site selectors rank you versus your competitors. This report enables more precise location and industry specific determinations to be identified.

Strategic Recommendations

Data is the first step. Knowing how to apply intricate sets of data to reach your community’s economic development goals is more difficult. This Strategic Recommendation report offers objective insight and direction from Site Selection leaders to enable your community to improve their position within Site Selection and Location Strategy decision makers.

Supply chain, logistics, business friendliness, labor analytics, infrastructure, and business credits & incentives are all main factors large organizations and their supporting consultants within the site selection and location strategy industry will use to determine your region’s ability to support, sustain, and grow based on a company’s current and future needs. 

The value in knowing your competitors, engaging leading, global Site Selectors, and understanding how you rank against your competitors in key clusters, the U.S., and globally, will catapult your region’s ability to attract and retain the best of the best in the business world. For more information, view the Location Decision Assessment Guide overview brochure, here.

View Location Assessment Guide Brochure: Location Advisor Decision Assessment Guide

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